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The new generation of modems can send and receive Faxes and handle voice calls as well as data. ArcFax lets your modem be a fax machine and an answering machine.

ArcFax was the first fax modem program for RISC OS. It allows you to use almost all fax modems for sending and receiving faxes on all RISC OS hardware. Faxes are generated by printing, so anything you can print, you can fax.

The latest version of ArcFax has been extended into an integrated fax, voice and data modem program. ArcFax can use the new Class 8 modems to act as an answering machine, and can use almost any modem for transferring files in an easy way.

ArcFax features

  • Received faxes can be saved as sprites.

  • Powerful script language. Call logging.

  • Modem drivers written in script language so can be easily changed.

  • Supports Class 2, Class 2.0 and Class 1 fax and Class 8/USR voice/fax modems.

  • Uses industry standard Fax modems. These are cheap and don't occupy podule slots. They will talk to and work with non-RISC OS hardware and software.

  • Comprehensive scheduling facility for sending faxes. Delayed sending. Automatic retries. Telephone directory with support for Mercury prefix.

  • Groups allow faxes to be automatically sent to a number of people.

  • Two dimensional data compression and support for 14,400 bps makes faxing fast.

  • Faxes sent from ArcFax have a higher resolution than those from fax machines.

  • Receives and Transmits faxes in the background from the desktop.

  • TWAIN compliant - scan faxes directly.

  • Works with SupraFax, Pace Microlin, Zoom, US Robotics, ZyXEL etc. modems.

  • Embedded commands - simply put {FaxTo: Bob} in what you print and it is faxed.

  • Easy file transfer using Zmodem. Server scripts for custom voice/fax systems.

  • Print faxes. Auto print all incoming faxes. Show header info on received faxes.

  • Block receipt of faxes from certain fax machines - defeat junk fax.

  • Call costing. Log file analysis, showing call costs, duration etc.

  • Direct send/receive of faxes.

Release date
September 1992 Version 1.16 RISC OS Compliant. Age Range: 11+

Full source code, latest version of program and documentation free download from here

If you have already purchased ArcFax version 1.10 or later, you can download the latest ArcFax upgrade.

Click to download ArcFax 1.21
to upgrade from versions: 1.10 or later. 26/32 bit compatible.


Click to download Class1VA
latest Class 1 fax + voice modem driver


Click to download Class1VJ
Class 1 fax + voice modem driver for Jetway 56k modem - driver doesn't check for AT command echos

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