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Hearsay II is the latest development of the highly acclaimed Hearsay, which for a number of years has been the definitive general purpose communications package for RISC OS systems. Hearsay II is multi-tasking, fully RISC OS compliant and has been designed for easy communications for the first time user, but with a wide range of advanced features making it also the professionals choice.

Hearsay provides very high quality terminal emulations for direct connection to mini and mainframe computers, and is ideal for use with Prestel, Campus 2000, Compuserve and virtually all bulletin board systems. It also gives access to systems such as the French Minitel service.

Hearsay features

  • Fully RISC OS compliant

  • Multi-tasking including background file transfers.

  • VT320, VT102, VT52 and ANSI terminals supporting advanced video options such as bold, faint, italic, flash. Also supports special, technical and international character sets.

  • Scrolling text terminals utilise a variable length capture buffer with options to save, print or spool selected areas.

  • Viewdata and Minitel (CEPT 2) terminals with optional on-screen keypad and routing using the mouse buttons. Frame tagging to separate tag buffer window where tagged frames may be viewed, saved etc. Telesoftware downloading and facilities for offline mailbox preparation.

  • High quality Viewdata editor with pixel editor.

  • Campus 2000 terminal.

  • Tektronix 4105 colour graphics terminal with some 4107 extensions.

  • Command line editor with buffer to store previous commands.

  • Scalable terminal windows in all screen modes.

  • Xmodem, Xmodem1K, Ymodem, Zmodem, Kemit, SEAlink and ASCII file transfer protocols including batch transfers.

  • Comprehensive script language based on a subset of C. This supports integer arithmetic, easy-to-use strings and a wide range of useful functions.

  • MNP2 and vasscom link level error correction.

  • Macro processor and fully definable keyboard. Facilities to create a custom menu of options which expand macros or call script language functions. User menu may complement or replace main Hearsay menu.

  • Password protected number directory with Options including: dial with auto logon, cycle dial, sort directory, search for entry.

  • Facility to automatically record logon procedures.

  • Modem drivers for most popular modems. Additional modem drivers may be written using the script language.

  • Gif previewer displays Gif pictures in separate window as they are received supports high speed/dual serial port expansion boards using serial device drivers.

  • Support for RISC OS printer drivers.

  • Supplied with a 200-page user guide.

Release date
October 1991 Version: 2.22 RISC OS Compliant. Age Range: 7+

Full source code and program available from here

You can download and use the latest version of Hearsay for free.


Click to download Hearsay 2.24 (27th November 2012)

An online scanned copy of the manual is now available; see this blog page for details of how to download it.

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