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How to subcsribe to the RSSĀ feed

Using Tickers (Barry Allen)

Click on 'Tickers' from the iconbar menu.

Click on 'New Ticker'

Type in your label, I've put:- Pilling News

Type in your Group, I've put:- News

Type in the URL, I've put:- www.davidpilling.info/rss.xml

Click on 'Accept'

Click on 'Save'

To access the Ticker.

Click on 'Ticker'

Follow 'News' then click on 'Pilling News' and up will come the Ticker across the bottom of the screen.

Netfetch (Bernard Veasey)

Click 'menu' on NetFetch's icon bar icon.

Click 'choices...' from this menu.

Click 'Emailboxes' from the 'NetFetch choices' window. Click 'RSS feeds' from the resulting window.

Click 'Add new' from the resulting window. Enter http://www.davidpilling.info/rss.xml in the URL

icon. Enter your Messenger Pro user name in 'Local user mailbox'.

Click 'Create'.

Click 'Close'

Click 'Close'

The news items will then appear as emails in Messenger Pro in the normal way.

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