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A Desktop Spelling checker that provides all the features you could want in a stand-alone spell checker.

Spell features

  • Interactive checking of text in files and icons.

  • Continuous check whilst you type and display/correct last error in other applications (e.g. Edit).

  • Comes with 200,000 word dictionary.

  • Fast operation.

  • Understands capitalization.

  • Multiple dictionaries may be used.

  • Dictionaries may be edited.

  • Foresight mode displays best match to current word, and allows completion with a single key-press (good for slow typists).

Release date
July 2002 Version: 3.15 RISC OS Compliant. Age Range: 11+

This product is now retired - you can obtain the source code and latest version from here

If you have already purchased Spell, you can download the latest upgrade.


Click to download Spell 3.15
to upgrade from versions 3.10 and later. 26/32 bit compatible


Click to download Spell 3.16
to upgrade from versions 3.10 and later. ARM v7 compatible

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