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Banish those jaggy blues!

Trace is a program that turns bitmap files (.bmp) into vector files (Windows meta file .emf). Bitmap format clip art is cheap and plentiful - you can make your own with a scanner. Vector format clip art is expensive and has to be painstakingly drawn by hand. On the other hand, bitmaps use lots of valuable memory and disc space, while vector files are much smaller.

Bitmaps can't be scaled-up easily without becoming jagged, but vector files look good whatever their magnification. Now with Trace you can take bitmaps and use the powerful tools in your drawing software to manipulatie them. Unlike some other programs, Trace will work with colour bitmaps, and so is a very useful tool for artists.

Take care though, for Tracing is not magic... not all bitmaps will necessarily give good results.

Trace is now free, no registration is required.


Click to download Trace 2.20 for Windows

This product is now retired - you can obtain the source code and latest version from here

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